5 Beautiful Ceiling Decorations For Your Basement

There used to be a time when a house was just a fundamental compulsion, but today, it has become an auxiliary. Living in a three-dimensional space means going to certain lengths to make each and every part of our homes a convenient subsidiary. This means taking in account every nook and cranny while decorating our personal space. The fundamentals of a house have long since been redefined – where before we had a simple cottage style home, today we have modern majesties that span over two or more stories along with a nice basement. Speaking of, an era ago, a basement had no paramount significance, but the basement of today houses not only an integral part of our housing unit but also the necessity of our day to day life including but not limited to recreational and entertainment purposes.

Since it now holds a principal part of our daily lives, it is only right that we manipulate the décor to suit our needs. The basement has many axiological outposts and boasts a contained sort of setting, so the ceiling is an essential and sometimes the only canvas an interior designer may have to define the ambiance. Keeping that in mind, we would be taking a look at a few options for ceiling designs when it comes to basements.

Add a dash of color

5 Beautiful Ceiling Decorations For Your Basement

by Studio One-Off Architecture & Design

Adding the right amount of colors is one of the most basic concepts of all design forms. Not only is it an effective technique but is also cost efficient and appropriately dramatic. The basement ceiling is usually small in height, and may or may not feature architectural underthings, such as pipes, beams, and joists. You can always make these extras a part of your design by painting them an appropriate shade of vibrant. Make sure to use contrast in your color scheme – lights with darks and vice-versa, to properly harmonize the theme and ambiance.

The Fabric Ceiling

5 Beautiful Ceiling Decorations For Your Basement

by Tollot & C LLC

The fabric is one of the most understated materials when it comes to designing interiors, and using it to create a ceiling might just be genius idea – though you may want to know that it is not the most permanent of design techniques. It is attached to the roof via staple guns, which can weather off with time, but do know that the effect is properly alluring. You can always take off the fabric and replace it with a better material, but it is nice to have options.

Drop Ceiling

5 Beautiful Ceiling Decorations For Your Basement

by Abruzzo Kitchen & Bath

One of the most extensively used genres in basement design is the drop ceiling that is a generic drop from the originally finished level of the basement ceiling. The drop depends on the kind of design you want to install in your space. It usually drops from six inches to a foot below the finished level. One main benefit of this kind of a basement ceiling is that it would cover all joists and pipes, and could be removed on demand to get some electrical and plumbing updates.

Going Coffered

5 Beautiful Ceiling Decorations For Your Basement

by Melyssa Robert Designer

Coffered ceilings were originally crafted in the early Renaissance interior on grand, double height ceilings. The coffers used to be tremendous in length and width, giving off a majestic sort of ambiance. In today’s basement, you can use the coffered ceiling to achieve that aura of opulence on a relatively small scale. It is certainly a baroque idea and could turn out to be very expensive – especially if the contractor must design one from scratch. However, the result is appropriately grandiose and stately – especially if you add a chandelier into the mix.

The Tray Ceiling

5 Beautiful Ceiling Decorations For Your Basement

by Fredman Design Group

One of the simpler representations of a drop ceiling, the tray ceiling only offers a drop from the very edges of the false ceiling, with a cavity in the middle. These are usually used to hide the architectural and structural clutter lines at the very periphery of the basement. These are often made with drywall and are easy to connect.

The Laminate

5 Beautiful Ceiling Decorations For Your Basement

by Ryan Duebber Architect, LLC

If you believe in the modern prefab concept, then the laminate ceiling would be the perfect fit for you. Available in prefabricated planks, this cap is available in laminated planks of varying assortments. These only have to be chosen according to the space restrictions of your basement and installed by a skilled tradesman.

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