How To Improve Security Of Our House?

How To Improve Security Of Our House?

Robber will try to steal our things at night and day. During a down economy, they may seek to steal some stuff from us. We should be aware that robbery can happen at any time, especially if we leave our house unattended, even only for five minutes when we want to borrow something from the neighbour. We should be aware that crime doesn’t only happen in the ghetto. Many robbery cases happen during the day when houses are left empty by people who go to work or school. Good security alarm system should help us prevent burglaries at businesses and homes. Adding security cameras should help us increase the probabilities of identifying the perpetrators. Security alarms will deter burglars from entering our house further and they will be discouraged to explore the house to grab more valuable items.

Proper home improvement methods can help us deter burglary. As an example, proper landscaping will remove hiding spots. Low hanging branches can provide access to second story areas, so we need to remove them. Spare keys should be removed from hiding places and we shouldn’t leave the house unlocked. Unpicked flyers, mail and newspaper scream “no one is at home” to any people with bad intentions. In this case, we should form a system of neighbourhood cooperation. Neighbours should occasionally check nearby houses that are left for days. They should pick up any newspaper, mail and flyer. There should also be a timer that automatically turns on the exterior and interior lights at dusk, turn off interior lights at the middle of the night and turn off all lights at dawn.

This will simulate the presence of people in the house. We could also add some deterrence items, such as “Beware dog” sign and cheap men’s boots on the front of the door. Some security systems could also randomly turn on stereo systems in the morning or at night. This will further give a false indication that someone is in the house and deter people from entering the house. Security systems and methods should be intensified when the rate of employment increases and the economy condition is quite difficult. Prevention is always the key method in making our home safer. When the money is tight or even nonexistent, homeowners should take extra steps to prevent break-ins. We should perform various steps to improve the security of our house.

One of the most obvious ways is to paint the exterior of our house white. At night, burglars tend to wear dark clothes to camouflage themselves and it is difficult for them to hide. Adding tall fences may not be a good idea, because determined burglars can still climb them quite easily. Also, they will be able to break into our house more freely behind tall fences. Windows and doors should be protected with decorated iron bars. This will still maintain the visual appeal of our house, while ensuring the overall safety. It is also a good idea for the neighbourhood to pay for several permanent security personnel.

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